Borutta 3D Services

Our Work

  • Exhibition Design

    We have been involved in a wide variety of exhibition projects globally. We have provided design and fabrication services for companies such as Motorola Europe, IBM, British Telecom, State Government of Victoria, Tourism Queensland and Infiniti Automotive. Click here
  • Public Displays

    One of our favourite fields of work is public displays. We have Designed and manufactured some of the most creative and innovative dispays around Australia. Click here
  • Retail Displays

    A very fast paced industry we thrive on and one of our strongest areas of expertise, we bring concepts to life for many market leading retail outlets. Due to privacy agreements, we are unable to publish these items online, therefore iIf you wish to see our extensive retail portfolio, please email us directly at
  • Prototyping and Customised Fabrication

    Prototyping is what our creative juices are made for. Again one of our favourite fields of work which can be as simple as a shiny steel ball to a complex combat vehicle. Prototyping also allows us to discover new materials and manufacturing processes to then pass on to the client. Click here

The Beer Wrench

The Beer Wrench is a fun and entertaining new product designed and distributed by Borutta 3D Services. We have had an enormous response and we are glad to make this product available for purchase. Simply visit to purchase one online today.

Marine and Fresh Water Discovery Centre

In September 2012 Borutta 3D Services completed a $250,000 refurbishment of the Marine and Fresh Water Discovery Centre run by Fisheries Victoria located in Queenscliff. One of the new interactive attractions produced is a huge 65" interactive touch display. This display allows visitors to navigate around Victoria and learn more about popular fishing locations, species of fish available and locations where each species is found, fish stocking and map roaming. Check out the youtube link above to see how the interactive display works.